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About the Breed: Siberian cats are very beautiful, brave and loyal. This breed is not only very affectionate and social but is also great with children. These cats create warmth and comfort in the house by removing fatigue, stress and heal a number of diseases. These cats do not require special care, comb them enough during the seasonal molt, which is 2 times a year, and periodically clean the ears. Siberian cats are easily adaptable, have great immunity, able to endure travel and do not require frequent visits from the owners to the vet. These cats easily get along with other pets, including any breed of dog, as they are characterized by high sociability and curiosity. Siberians cats are hypoallergenic , they produce less of the Fel-D1 protein in their saliva than any other breed. 


Our Location: We are located in the East Bay Area, California.

Price$2,300 Deposit: $200

***Our kittens and cats are only sold as pets and not for breeding purposes.***




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